Coach Chris

PN-L2, CF-L2

 Coach Chris with a deadlift of 455#

Coach Chris with a deadlift of 455#

About Coach Chris

Chris was born in Butte, Montana and moved to San Jose, California at a young age.  Growing up, he was always involved in a sport of some kind; football, soccer, baseball, hockey, golf, and martial arts.  Needless to say, a Jack of all trades.

After high school, he moved to Los Angeles to attend Woodbury University where he graduated with a degree in graphic design.  While attending college, he branched out to more extreme sports such as; mountain biking, downhill racing, rock climbing as well as long distance backpacking and endurance hiking races.  Some of the events that he’s been involved with include; The 8,000 Meter Challenge (an industry only race that he did while working for REI), is a race in which he hiked to the top of three mountains over 10,000 feet high each and about 60 miles of hiking in one day, The Ragnar Race in Las Vegas which is a 195 mile 12 person relay race, numerous bicycling races all over California, multiple Olympic weightlifting competitions, and 3 local Crossfit competitions.

After being introduced to weightlifting and fitness in 2008 and seeing enormous changes is his health, body and strength, he decided that he wanted to reach out to others and help them achieve their fitness goals as well. He started personal training and immediately found a talent for connecting with his clients and getting them to their health and fitness goals. After a number of years at a big box gym, he founded Get Fit{Camp} to have a better opportunity to express his own voice in programming and coaching.