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What is Fit{Camp}?

The FitCamps are designed to be general, functional, relatively intense and for everyone.  The oldest client to date is 74 and the youngest is 15, so it really is for everyone!  There is a way to scale a movement to make them easier, or harder.  Anyone can workout here at Get Fit{Camp}; from the housewife, to the advanced athlete, to someone that’s never worked out a day in their life, the workouts are all programmed so that modifications can be made to include everyone, at any level.  Working out in a group, you’ll find that the competition aspect will push you to levels that you never thought possible.  There is also the support.  You’re going to meet new people, make new friends, and have people supporting you through your workouts.  Reaching your goals comes with intensity and proper nutrition, having a group of like-minded individuals around you will help you attain those goals.

The pricing for FitCamps is for unlimited sessions or for 2 times a week.  All sessions are approximately one hour in length, with programming and equipment provided. Motivation, encouragement and inspiration are also provided in abundant quantities!  The only things that you have to bring are; comfortable workout clothes and shoes, water, and a can-do, never quit, ready to work hard attitude! Class sizes are limited to 8 people per class to keep the quality of training high.

Every new member must complete the Foundations Class before joining the regular classes with the barbell movements.  The Foundations Class is a semi-private two hour class, significantly discounted to $100, where all the basic barbell movements, as well as the basics of Olympic weightlifting movements will be covered. Until a session is completed, movements and modifications will be made in order to prevent injury.  Once the class has been taken, you may join the regular class with the barbell movements.


A lot of people ask, "Why do you charge monthly?  Why not a drop in rate or per session?"  The answer to that is pretty simple actually, it commits us to you and you to us.  If you've already paid for the month, it's harder to come up with excuses to NOT come.  "It's too cold/hot" or "I'm tired, I'm just going home."  When it's just on a per session basis, we've found that it's easier to come up with reasons why someone "can't" make it.  Also it's much cheaper, if you use it.  Paying $120 a month and coming 5 times a week, works out to about $6 a class.  That includes all equipment, programming and coaching.  At $100 per month for two times a week, that's only about $12 a class. We pride ourselves on being competitive while still offering a high quality product.

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