Don't be weak!!!


It's that time we've all been waiting for, one rep max week! We're going to be moving slowly through the Get{Gymnastics} and Get{Strong} portions of the workouts this week simply because we want to take the time to find those maxes. We're not going to be pushing really hard anywhere else. The Get{Fit} workouts are going to be pretty short and total lung burners this week, just to get the heart rate up a bit. 

It's going to be a challenging week, so get your rest, focus on recovery and eat well!

Don’t be weak!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, cool your jets buddy. Has anyone else REALLY made notes of how they talk to themselves? I made a very interesting note about my thought process the other day that I thought I’d share.

We were doing a pretty awful workout that included kettlebell swings and burpees, I’m sure that a few of you remember it… It was pretty rough.

During the last round of burpees, I noticed that I was talking to myself, not out loud of course, that’s just weird. The first few burpees I kept telling myself, “You got this, just keep moving. No problem.” As my energy started to fade, it was the only round that I did totally unbroken, I noticed an awful shift in my language. “Don’t be weak! You’re being weak, Chris. Keep moving!”

Immediately my energy tanked. Not even just a little. I felt like quitting. Like I was failing. It was amazing how that little change in “coaching” myself just ruined my energy levels. Being the self-aware guy that I am, sometimes, I quickly changed it. “You got this, Chris! You’re rocking these last burpees! Keep it up!”

It was instantly different. My energy returned and I kept pushing through without stopping and the DIFFERENCE is, I felt really good while doing it.

I would never say any of those things to a member, unless of course they specifically requested yelling and to be berated, so why in the HECK would I say that to myself?! It’s crazy, right?!

Once my head had cleared a little bit, it lead me down a path of other things. Mainly being, “where else can I be a bit kinder to myself?”

This is super important stuff. Words can hurt, no matter what people say, especially if they are coming from yourself. It sounds weird, but Gandhi said it best, “Your thoughts will become your words. You words will become your actions. Your actions will become your habits. Your habits will become your character. Your character will define your destiny.”

The first time I heard that, I didn’t get it. Honestly, it just went over my head. But now after what happened during that workout, I know the power of what we tell ourselves. We will believe what we tell ourselves often.

What do you tell yourself? What are your words? Do you find yourself saying something like, “You idiot! How could you screw that up?” when you make a mistake? Or how about this one, “How could you forget milk at the store? That was the only thing that you went there for, dummy!” My favorite is something along the lines of, “I really stink at that (insert anything here)!”

Any of those sound familiar? I know they do for me.

So what can we do? It’s called, reframing. We can reframe our thoughts to something more positive and supportive to help BUILD ourselves up rather than tearing us down. Try something like, “I made a great attempt at that, and I learned a new way that it DIDN’T work!” or, “Forgot the milk! Oh well, I’ll swing by tomorrow and make something else tonight. It’s ok!” or maybe, “I consider that (insert anything here) something that I’m really working on and getting better at!”

It’s pretty simple but, as we all know, simple doesn’t mean easy. Try to make note of the things that you’re telling yourself this week. Notice the negative thoughts that might wander into your language. Maybe you don’t make any immediate changes right away, but it makes a HUGE difference as soon as you start noticing what you say to yourself. The greatest change you can make in your life, starts between your ears.

 Let's move some weight this week!

Let's move some weight this week!

Let's have a great week!

Daily Dose


10,7,5,3,1,1,1 Bench
4x6 Elevated Lunge

Renegade Rows