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Carbohydrates are important to our bodies. They allow us the fuel to be able to perform at a high level, improve cellular function and to well… live.

A lot of people think that carbs make you fat, and that’s not necessarily true. Too much of anything will make you fat and most of the time, we have too much of the wrong kinds of carbs, and that’s where we start to have problems.

Some people think that if you have hormonal or metabolic issues (such as hypothyroid, low testosterone, or problems regulating blood sugar) cutting carbs would help that. Studies are starting to show that the opposite is true. These studies are showing that SMART carbs will actually help to improve some of these issues.

Cutting carbs too low for too long can cause some problems. There are very few people that look, feel and perform their best on very low carb diets. Some issues that one might run into on a VLC diet (Very Low Carb) might be:

  • Low energy
  • Feelings of deprivation, anxious and angry about life (HANGRY)
  • Will lead to binge eating (Ever open a box of Oreos and 30 minutes later wonder where they all went?)
  • It will kill your mojo

BUT, if you’re fueling up with the RIGHT kind of carbs, you’ll feel:

  • Full of energy, feel good about life and feel like you can conquer the world
  • You’ll feel clear minded, confident and you’ll sleep amazingly well
  • You’ll feel fuller longer, and find that you have less cravings for sugary treats
  • You’ll perform better in the gym, in your sport and life in general

This is about eating better carbs, not fewer carbs. Here are a couple things that you can try to get in better carbs versus fewer carbs.

Number 1:

Look at your daily routine and menu. See if you can figure out how to get in better carbs, or even just make one meal better. For instance, instead of a side dish of white, highly process pasta, try something from whole grains like; wild rice, oats, or sprouted grains. Other great options for a side dish to your lean protein would be regular or sweet potatoes/yams or beans or legumes.  If you’re feeling like a sugary treat, have some fruit or grapes! Personally, I love green grapes frozen as a treat. They’ve got an ice cream like texture (sort of) and the sweetness comes through really well when they’re frozen for some reason. For breakfast, try some steel-cut oats with berries in them as opposed to instant oats (although that’s not a terrible option either over highly processed, sugary cereal).

Number 2: Look at what highly refined sugary carbs that you might still have in your diet and seek out a better option. If you like cakes, pastries, or muffins, what can you do to make them just a little bit better? Maybe use a different type of flour like; quinoa flour, coconut flour, brown rice flour, etc. Something with higher fiber in it. Maybe you like the protein bars off the shelf, honestly, some of them are pretty darn good. I like the Quest Bars personally. They taste pretty good and aren’t full of crap. There are many bars out there that pose as “healthy” but, there’s about 30 ingredients and you can’t pronounce over half of them. Stick to the cleaner foods or, make your own. There are plenty of recipes out there on the interwebs that you can use for cleaner options. Like ice cream? Try this!

These are just a couple of things that you can do to help improve your smart carb IQ. This lesson is pretty simple. Think about the food that you’re about to eat. How far did it have to travel to get to your plate? How many steps do you think that it needed to go through to get from the field to that box to the store to your kitchen. Is it more than 5? 6? 7? If it’s more than a couple of steps, it might not be the best option. Keep it simple!

As always if you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email and I’ll happily answer them to the best of my ability.

 Donna, getting some work in!

Donna, getting some work in!

Let’s have a great week!

Daily Dose


4x12 Single Arm DB 1/2 Press
4x12 Concentration Curl

For Time:
400m Sprint
20 Sit Ups
200m Sprint
20 Sit Ups
100m Sprint
20 Sit Ups