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NEAT is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is all of the energy that we’re expending when we’re not sleeping, eating or engaged in sports-like activities/working out. Basically, whenever you’re doing yardwork, fidgeting, taking out the trash, walking around the block, house cleaning, cooking or just generally moving without the expressed purpose of “working out”.

Think of the last time that you did a bunch of yard work or gave the house a deep cleaning. At the end of the day, you might have felt pretty tired and worn out even though you “didn’t do anything”. Our bodies do an amazing job of using stored energy during these times. In fact, there have been some studies that show that in rural agricultural areas, workers have high NEAT simply because they’re out working all day long. They tend to be able to burn way more energy than someone in the more industrialized areas. These workers tend to have very low NEAT because they sit at desks all day.

When someone talks about a “metabolism” problem, it’s probably not metabolism at all, it’s a NEAT problem. A movement problem. As in, not moving enough problem. Someone may work out 5 days a week for an hour or so a day, but in the grand scheme of things that’s really no time dedicated to movement at all. Most people in this area work 40 hours a week at a desk. In a typical work week, there’s 5 days, so 120 hours. 40 of those hours are spend sitting at a desk, that leaves us with 80 hours. 8 hours a day sleeping (let’s just play pretend here and say that we’re all getting 8 hours a night.), that leaves us with 40 more hours. Minus 5 hours for working out, that leas us with 35 hours. 35 hours left for eating, showering, running errands, watching TV, etc. and that’s not even counting the hours on the weekends. Do you see where I’m going with this? There’s usually more time throughout the week than we think that we have to get more activity in. 

People with “faster” metabolisms, may have genetics on their side. However, I’d wager that a lot of times, these are the same people that are much more active throughout the day as well. Maybe they have a job that supports a lot of movement, like a nurse or auto-mechanic. Someone that moves, lifts and is constantly on the move. They may also couple that with 4-5 hours a week of INTENTIONAL exercise. Couple that with great eating habits, like the ones that we learn in ProCoach, and you’re got a recipe for fat loss and a lean body.

So, this week write down the FIRST thing that you can do to increase your NEAT. How can you start to incorporate more movement into your day? Post in the comments, reply to this email or go to the Facebook page and post there what that ONE thing that you’re going to do to start adding in more movement.

Let’s have a great week and move more!

 The couple that fly's together...

The couple that fly's together...

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4x12 Pull Ups

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