Information without application


It was a nice, hot, beautiful weekend here in the South Bay, and I hope that you found someplace to cool off. A few of you the made it to the movies (which is a great place to cool off for a while), went to the mall, or found someone’s pool to hang out in. Anyone have movie recommendations? I heard “Baby Driver” was good. Not much else out it seems like.

If you have a Facebook page, you probably know that they have those memories that pop up for you about posts that you made “on this day”, from last year to eight or nine years ago. One post that I found was about how it’s easier to dish up advice than it is to take it, so this post is not only to you, but it’s to me. Taking your own advice is the hardest pill to swallow.

So, on to a little tough love.

I’m not sure where this quote came from, but it’s pretty on point, “Information without application will not lead to transformation”.

I take that as basically, you can do all the research that you want on something, you can read all the books on; nutrition, weight loss, diets, fitness, whatever hobby you’d like to get into, whatever you’d like to learn, wherever you’d like to travel, whatever you’d like to build, anything really, but unless you get to work, you’ll never get anything done.

There are a few people that I’ve talked with lately on various topics they are having trouble with; flexibility, lack of progress, mobility, bettering movement patterns, etc.

“How come I’m still not able to do X?”
“Why is this person doing better than me on this?”
“I feel like I’ve hit a wall on progress.”
“I just don’t feel like I’ve made much progress on this movement.”
“How come I’m not losing the weight?”

These are just a few examples. And yes, I have a few complaints on certain aspects of my fitness as well so you’re not alone in feeling stuck on something.

We have the information. I’ve made suggestions and asked the questions, even to myself. At the end of the day it’s going to boil down to you. What are YOU doing to better your situation?

Not losing the weight you’d like to?

  • What are you doing outside the gym consistently (bold, italics and underlined for emphasis)?
  • Have you asked for help and did you implement the ideas that we came up with together?
  • Did you honestly try those strategies we came up with for at least 2 weeks?
  • Are you good during the week and then crash and burn on the weekends?

Stuck on a movement pattern or having a mobility issue?

  • Have you asked for help?
  • What exercises have you been doing at home consistently (bold, italics and underlined for emphasis) to fix it?
  • Have you been doing them every day?
  • Every other day?
  • How about even just once a week?

I want to be perfectly clear here, I’m not picking on anyone in particular nor am I complaining about helping. I love to help, guide and coach. If I didn’t like helping others, I’ve made a horrible career choice. I’ve just noticed that I’m consistently hearing the same things and it’s usually followed with, “I know, I know. I SHOULD do this more.”

So, why aren’t you?

What’s keeping you from doing what you know you should do? You know that health, fitness, mobility and nutrition are good for you. You know that being fit and mobile will help you live a longer more independent life, long into the future.  Personally, I’d rather be independent and healthy as I age than depending on someone to do everything for me.

I can teach you how to move. I can guide you on how to eat with purpose and awareness. I can even teach you how to push yourself to the extreme every workout, if that’s what you want. Unless you do the work and apply the principles that we talk about, you’ll never make the progress you want.

We are what we do consistently.

Really take the time to look at what you’re doing on a regular basis and decide if those actions are in line with what you REALLY want out of life. If you need some help, I’m happy to help guide you in some new habits or even uncovering what you’d really like out of life, and what you’re actually capable of doing.

In the meantime, you can find me writing down what I really want and making the changes, or not making changes, to align with those wants.

Let’s have a great week and work toward our goals, consistently.

Daily Dose


10,7,5,3,3 Press
4x12 Concentration Curl

3 RNDs:
400m Sprint
7 Cleans (115/75)
9 Bar Over Buprees
12 Sit Ups