It's been a great week! Personally, I'm looking forward to some low impact movement this weekend. Maybe a long walk, maybe some stretching in the park, maybe a massage is needed. Whatever it is that you decide to do, make sure that you move a bit, relax a bit and recover. Even take a few minutes to clear your mind and do some mental housekeeping as well. 

Fast Tip Friday!

I'm bringing back Fast Tip Fridays! This week, we're having a challenge as a part of the FTF. We're going to work on our push ups this week. just normal, run of the mill push ups. Nothing fancy, just find a push up that you can do; on the floor, on your knees, on the back of a chair or couch if you need to. But wherever you do them, just make sure that it seems a little easy. Maybe a 6-7 out of 10 on the hard scale. Take 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes and at the top of every minute, do 5 push ups. Yes, by the end you've done 50 push ups but, that's 50 more than you did the day before. It's going to seem easy at first because you've scaled it by being on your knees, or on the back of a chair/couch, etc. but, by the time that you hit minute 6 or 7, it's going to be pretty challenging. Which is the point. Try this a couple of times next week and see how you do. Next Friday, we're going to build on this a little bit. 


 Rain in July? ...ooookaaaay... At least it smelled nice. 

Rain in July? ...ooookaaaay... At least it smelled nice. 

Daily Dose


10,7,5,3,3 Squat
4x12 Pull Ups

6 Push Ups
12 KB Swings
16 Alternating Swings