Some barbell work!

Some barbell work!

What is Get Fit{Camp}?

Get Fit{Camp} is a community of positive minded individuals dedicated to living their lives as healthily and strongly as possible. This is achieved through professional coaching, top-quality and unique programming, and a caring and supportive community. We at Get Fit{Camp} believe that every person has a unique story, unique needs and a place in our gym.

It takes a lot of courage and determination to ask for help in improving your life, and we are committed to helping you.

Get Fit{Camp} is the best garage gym in San Jose. We focus on improving mobility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, and movement to improve the quality of your life now and well into the future. We also focus on habits based nutrition that guides you to making better choices for life, no diets or fads, only lasting results.

 The ladies, getting some box jumps in.

The ladies, getting some box jumps in.

What are we about?

Get Fit Camp focuses on these core values:

Professional – Get Fit Camp is a fun environment where people come to work hard and enjoy themselves. It’s also a place where we want to provide a clean and organized environment that fosters trust and respect from our clients.

Inclusive – Get Fit Camp believes that everyone has a unique story, unique needs and a place in our gym. Our goal is to create a gym where everyone can get a great workout no matter what their needs are.

Effective – We are very proud of the programming at Get Fit Camp and we firmly believe that what we do is unique and provides measurable results for all members. If our clients aren’t getting stronger and moving better, we’re not doing our job.

Positive mindset – We also try to develop a positive mindset in all that we do. We want our clients to feel that not only are their bodies are improving, but that their minds, confidence and attitude are improving as well. 

FUN! – Get Fit Camp plans gym events at least once a month so everyone can get to know each other outside the gym. Inside the gym we encourage dance breaks, broken lyric karaoke, and solid high fiving.