What really makes us fat?

What really makes us fat?

Calories in versus calories out

We’ve all heard that statement.  It’s been around forever and it’s nutritional dogma that is firmly entrenched in our lives.  New research is starting to show that that isn’t the whole story.

While I’ll agree that there is SOME truth to the story, it’s not the WHOLE truth.  The study that I’ve attached here, goes on to suggest that it’s more about the quality of calories, rather than the quantity.  I’m much more in that camp than I am with the calories in/calories out.  There are very few people that I would say a calorically restricted diet (I’m not a nutritionist, anything that I mention here is just observation and experience) would benefit.  Focusing more on what kind of food you’re putting into your body seems to be much more important than how much of something. Of course, that’s all goal dependent.  But, that’s another post.  Read the article, it’s well written and the study is interesting.  Post thoughts to comments.

RIP, little yellow submarine...

RIP, little yellow submarine…

Daily Dose

6x500m run – rest 3 minutes between efforts.

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