Wednesday 7/9/14

Wednesday 7/9/14


It’s first day for Bring a Friend, who are you bringing with you?!  I think most of you get that working out in a group is important for a lot of reasons.  The support, the friendly competition, the banter and comradery.  We work hard in the gym, and it’s not easy.  We know that it’s worth it and it’s always easier to do it with friends and family around to support you.  So, find a friend or family member and bring them along.  It’s good for everyone!  This is a great read on community.

Also, don’t forget that Friday night we’re having Movie and Margarita night again!  Bring your families and kids, it’ll be a family type movie!

Just have to try!

Just have to try!

Daily Dose

3×10 DB Press

10 Alternating Lunges
10 Sit Ups
20 Double Unders

Post loads and rounds to comments.

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