Wednesday 7/10/13

Wednesday 7/10/13


So, I did the math and I’ve found that I’m WAY (yes, caps, bold and italics) underfed for my goals.  My basal metabolic rate is about 2,100 calories.  After putting in some basic numbers into this calculator, I found that I should be eating just over 4,100 calories a day.  Holy mother of supersizing.  That’s a ton of food a day.  Well, I guess I needed a third job anyway.  Might as well be eating…

What about you?  Put in some basic numbers.  Remember, this is VERY basic and is more about a basic idea of where you should be, based on your goals and activity levels.

That should cover breakfast.  What's for first snack?

That should cover breakfast. What’s for first snack?


Daily Dose

Clean Technique

You’re going to see days like this.  Where all we’ll do is work with PVC and/or an unloaded barbell.  Getting your body to move properly through space is very, very important before we start loading it up with weight.  So, take advantage of technique days.  After all, doing it right = bigger numbers!!!

A chipper!

Run 400m then:

2 RFT:
30 Push Presses
40 Rows (20L/20R)
50 Double Unders
60 Sit Ups

Then run 400m.

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  1. Wanda Olson says:

    Good workout again! If I am remembering my time correctly, it was 19:25. I will do better next time!!

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