Wednesday 5/8/13

Wednesday 5/8/13

Sick to Healthy

Too many times do myself, and I’m sure other professionals in my field, hear, “I just want to lose weight and tone.”  I’m sure that my comrades in the health industry would agree that that is one of the most annoying statements that people can make.  Being skinny or thinner is no marker of health.  At all.  Period.  I’ve been trying to make it a mission of mine to get people to, instead, look at health over weight.  It’s an uphill battle, fighting mainstream media (who says Gwyneth Paltrow is the most beautiful person alive and has said that she should never lift more than 3 pounds) about looks over health.  There is more than one absolutely ridiculous statement in this video that makes me so angry I want to kick a puppy, so I’ll focus on the simple glaring one.  The so called “trainer” says that no woman should ever lift more than 3 pounds.  Yes, that’s the sound of your brain melting.  Right after that statement Gwyneth says that she carries her 30 pound kid around in her left arm so it doesn’t wobble underneath like her right.  What?!  So what you’re saying is, your wobbly arm, the one that your trainer won’t let you lift more than 3 measly pounds on, is way less toned than your left where you carry your 30 pound child?  If she can’t see the lack of reasoning in that, she’s definitely not as smart as I thought.  Come on people, lets start changing the way we look at things.  If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.

Another example is this:

What set looks healthier?

What set looks healthier?

Seriously?  What set of legs looks healthier?  Especially as we age, we need to start thinking more about our health.  How are you going to get around when you’re 70?  Do you want someone taking care of you that young or do you want to be independent and walker free?  Just because the legs in the middle are skinny, doesn’t mean that they are healthy.  Fat over muscle mass?  No thanks.  I’ll take being mobile well into my 90’s.

Lift heavy and sprint. End of rant.  Post thoughts to comments.


Daily Dose

Sprint 1000m
Rest 3 minutes
Sprint 700m
Rest 3 minutes
Sprint 500m
Rest 3 minutes
Sprint 250m

Post TOTAL time to comments.  Take a FULL three minutes to rest.

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  2. Wanda Olson says:

    27:13 – running is a real challenge for me! On a positive note, my endurance is much better than when I started boot camp last year in October! Couldn’t even make one lap at that time without stopping to walk and did 10 laps total today.

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