Wednesday 5/28/14

Wednesday 5/28/14


It’s the first day of Bring a Friend, so get into the gym and bring someone with you!

It’s Bring a Friend week, today, Thursday and Friday so bring a friend or three!
Friday the 6th is our first Movie and Margarita night!  Come on over to the gym at 7:30 and cheer on that class, right after we’ll start mixing up some drinks and watch a movie, I’ll have a couple that we can choose from.  Bring a comfy chair, unless you like to sit on the boxes, and maybe a blanket or warm jacket as it might be a bit chilly in the garage, there’s always tequila to help warm you up though!  If you don’t like margaritas, that’s ok, just bring something that you’d enjoy.  Hope to see you all there!
Well, have you?

Well, have you?


Daily Dose

#BAF 1
4 RFT:
20 Weighted Lunges
20 K2E

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