Wednesday 5/22/13

Wednesday 5/22/13

Fear vs. Courage

Courage isn’t the absence of fear.  It’s being afraid and doing what’s right anyway…


This quote really stuck with me.  I know from personal experience, that, when afraid, doing the easy thing isn’t always the right thing.  Taking the path of least resistance is WAY more appealing than promise of an uphill struggle, that will hurt and suck but be way more rewarding in the end.  I suppose that it’s the nature of our culture though.  Instant gratification.  Results in two easy steps! Maybe it’s a result of marketing promises, “Pop this pill and you’ll be skinny!”, “Just a simple surgery and the weight melts off!”  Doing the right thing is hard.  Getting off your butt and working hard to lose weight and get healthy is scary.  It really is!  “What if I fail?”, “What if I can’t do it?”  These answers are simple, “You won’t unless you quit,” and “You can do it.  There is ALWAYS a way to scale it.”  So I encourage you to be afraid!  Do it!  Fear is a great motivator, there’s a spider crawling up your chair!  See?  You got motivated to stand up!  😉  Do the right thing.  Make the right, more difficult, choice.  Get up, go work out, eat right and see results.  I’m not even saying that you should come to me to do it, just do it.


The Duke knows what's up.

The Duke knows what’s up.


Daily Dose

Open with 50 double unders, then:

3 rnds:
20 swings
20 push ups
20 single leg deadlift (10l/10r)

50 double unders.

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