Wednesday 4/2/14

Wednesday 4/2/14


Ya, that was a tough one yesterday.  I mean the April Fool’s one as well as the real one…  The 5:30 class was stuck doing mountain climbers because it was down pouring during class, and I can’t say that it was easier or harder, but it sucked either way.  Good work though, either way.  It was a fun one.

Our Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge is coming to an end Saturday.  We’re meeting here at the gym at noon and we’re going to take our measurements and do the baseline workout again and compare our scores.  I know that some of you are concerned about the numbers on the scale, lets just be realistic right now.  It’s a cheap, throw away scale that isn’t exactly accurate.  It’s just a baseline for measurement.  Expect that it’s 2-4% off based on the surrounding environment.  What we should really focus on is the measurements of our waist and hips and our scores on the workout.  THAT’S how we measure success, by performance.  So, let’s get in here, work our butts off and then eat some BBQ.

Daily Dose

3×12 Power Snatch

3 RNDs:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
20 Sit Ups
Rest 2 minutes and repeat.

Post loads and times to comments.

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