Wednesday 4/10/13

Wednesday 4/10/13

Weight a minute… 

I know, I’m crazy punny.  I was just having this conversation the other day, also I believe that I posted a photo about breaking up with your scale.  In fact, here’s a great article about it.  But anyway, don’t trust your scale.  It lies to you, it’s finicky, and I’m pretty sure that it’s trying to steal your friends.  Kick it out.  Here’s a good visual for you to understand that while a pound is a pound, but a pound of fat is vastly different than a pound of muscle.

A pound is a pound?

A pound is a pound?


Daily Dose

Death by Front Squat


Immediately upon failure, run 800m.

Post rounds to comments.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    12 rounds…way more than I thought I could do 🙂

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