Wednesday 3/27/13

Wednesday 3/27/13

Do I have to say it again?

I’ve said it before (as have many, many more before me) and I’ll say it again, you can’t out work out a shitty diet!  You just can’t!  Too many times I heard people say, “Oh, I had that extra soda so I’ll just do another 30 minutes of cardio.”  NO!!!  I hate to tell you, it just doesn’t work that way.  Calories aren’t just calories.  If you’re feeling like what you’re doing is no longer working, that you’ve plateaued, then you have to change something.  It’s how the food you’re eating affects your body, not the amount of it that you put in.  I’ll go on a rant about that on another post but until then, keep this in mind (tongue in cheek here a bit):

Do it!

Do it!


Daily Dose

AMRAP 12 minutes:
5 pushups
10 lateral hops
shuttle runs 5/10/5

Post rounds and reps completed to comments.

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  1. Wanda Olson says:

    Okay, I think we decided 12 rounds plus 4? It was a good workout!!

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