Wednesday 1/7/15

Wednesday 1/7/15

Half way

We are now half way through the easy week of the programming.  Remember, the gymnastics program is like a wave.  The first week is easy, the second is a little harder, the third is the hardest and the last being a well earned deload week.  We’re prepping our bodies for some work this week, so come in and let’s get prepared!

How are we doing on our Whole 30?  I’ll be honest, I’ve been having some trouble shifting out of my terrible eating.  My energy levels are pretty low, but I know that they’ll come back up as they always do.  Just stay on track and things will get better.  If you’re struggling, remember that there are quite a few of us doing the same thing.  Ask for help from your friends here at the gym, post on the Facebook page (even recipes and photos if you’ve made something amazing), email or call me too if you’re having a really hard time.  Let’s build a support group together and have some fun with it!

Our vicious guard dog...

Our vicious guard dog…  Lazy bum…

Daily Dose

MN 4×7 reps
10 Windmills
DB Row 4×7
10 Dislocates
RDL 4×7 Reps
5 Reps Straight Leg Stretch

3 RNDs:
10 DB Snatches L
10 Burpees
10 DB Snatches R
10 Burpees

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