Tuesday 9/10/13

Tuesday 9/10/13


I came across this the other day, and I really liked it:

I’ve always felt that accepting responsibility is one of the highest forms of human maturity.  A willingness to be accountable, to put yourself on the line, is really the defining characteristic of adulthood.”

~ Jim Rohn


What do you hold yourself accountable for?  Your diet?  Your attendance to the gym?  How much booze you drink on the weekends?  Post to comments.

Speaking of accountability, I’m going to start posting all the results of the workouts on the FB page.  I’ll be recording your times and loads on the whiteboard, taking a photo of it and posting it.  This way, you have the ability to be able to “record” your times and loads and keep track.  Tag yourself in it, and save it to an album on your page.  That way you can go back to it to see how you did last time on it.

And here’s a random pretty pic for you…

Sunset in the park.

Sunset in the park.


Daily Dose

5×5 Push Press

4 RFT:
7 Sandbag Cleans
100m Sandbag Carry
20 Double Unders

Post loads and times to comments.

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