Tuesday 7/9/13

Tuesday 7/9/13

It’s Late…

It’s a late post, sorry for getting it out so late.  It turned into a busy day.  Lately I’ve been taking on a lot of extra “stuff” and I’m going to have to start saying no to people and certain things.  Time management has been a challenge for me my whole life, and as I’m getting busier doing the FitCamps, amongst other things, it seems only more obvious to say no to the extracurricular things.    It’s time to decide, what’s important and what isn’t.

What do you feel like you could live without in your life?  What can you slowly start cutting out?  Post to comments.

Time to move!

Time to move!


Daily Dose

Front squat 5×5

50 DB Snatch L
50 DB Snatch R
Every minute on the minute, perform 5 burpees.

Post loads and times to comments.

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  1. Wanda Olson says:

    10 minutes – good workout, Chris!

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