Tuesday 6/11/13

Tuesday 6/11/13

Active Rest

This term gets thrown around a lot at Crossfit gyms and boot camps, and I hate it.  “Oh, it’s an active rest day, so I’m going to go for a hike.” or “Active rest day so I’m just going to go run a marathon!”  Ok, so maybe I was being a little facetious with that last one, but it was more to prove a point.  There is no such thing as “active rest”.  There is just rest.  Going for a hike is still going to put stress on your body, inhibiting your recovery process.  We don’t make progress in the gym, that’s where we break ourselves down.  We make our progress in rest.  Sleeping releases all the awesome hormones that help build our muscles and repair the damage, making them stronger and more resilient for the next round of abuse that we’re going to put them through.  Let’s say that you did a heavy squat day and your legs are shot.  The next day is a rest day and you decide to go for a hike. What muscles do you think you’re using to climb that trail?  You’re not resting at that point.  I’d say that at MOST on a rest day, a long really slow walk around a park and rest often under a tree with a book.  It’s summer time!  It’s been amazingly beautiful weather.  Go outside and relax in the sun and enjoy it.  Make some vitamin D.  It’s good for you.  And when you have a planned rest day, REST you dummy!

Supersize me?  Ummm... no thanks.

Supersize me? Ummm… no thanks.


Daily Dose

800m run, then:

3 RTF:

40 lunges
20 leg lifts
200m sprints

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