Tuesday 4/30/13

Tuesday 4/30/13

Fears.  Habits.

I was reading this article, and it really made me think.  Where is my locus of control?  After some careful though, I’m very much a person with an external locus of control.  I do tend to blame the things around me for my circumstances, and not myself.  I read this a few weeks back and have really been trying to focus more on being aware of my habits and thoughts.  When I feel myself not making a decision, or avoiding doing something, I’m more aware of it and making the conscious decision to DO SOMETHING.  No more lame excuses.  No more procrastinating.  No more waiting for my ship to come in.  I’m doing.

What about you?  What habits do you have that are preventing you from living your dreams?  What are you going to do about it?  Post thoughts to comments.


Daily Dose

Run 200 m
5 Rope Climbs
15 Push Ups
25 sit ups
100′ lunge
Run 200 m

Post times to comments.

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  1. Nicola says:

    Mine seems to be much more internal than external these days. That demonstrates progress made … Good progress!!! Great blog, thank you for sharing the article … Thumbs up!!!

  2. Wanda Olson says:

    Loved this workout! Well, the lunges weren’t too much fun as they are hard on the legs. Good workout for several areas of the body! Did it in 35:08. And, yes, I was the last one done but I did it!! Thank you, Chris, for the great workout!

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