Tuesday 4/23/13

Tuesday 4/23/13

Prep work

How do you prepare for a workout?  What do you eat?  What do you think?  Wether it’s mental or physical, what’s your preworkout routine?

Going into a wod (workout of the day), I generally like to eat a little bit of protein and a little bit of fat.  I feel like I’ve got a lot more energy going into a workout with a little bit of food in me, not too much though, trust me I’ve done that and it’s a bad choice.  You have to mess with it a bit before you find what works for you.  Seriously, experiment.  Play with your nutrition a bit.  My advice is to try something and stick with it for a few weeks.  Some people adapt slower and might need a little more time to adjust, so don’t do it for just a couple weeks and proclaim that it didn’t work.  Make a choice, stick to it.  My other advice for that is, don’t change too many things at once.  Pick one, maybe two things and hold onto that for, again, at least a month.  Then try other things.  Avoid the shotgun effect.  Grabbing so many different things that you don’t know what is actually working and what isn’t.

Mentally, I go into a wod with a game plan.  How many reps am I going to do before I rest?  How many rounds do I think I’m going to get in that AMRAP?  What’s my pace going to be for the reps?  Am I going balls to the wall or am I going to pace myself?  Yes, these are all things I think about.  So, what do you think about before going into it?  Post to comments.

Work hard!

Work hard!


Daily Dose

50 DB Thrusters (25L/25R)
40 Jumping Pull ups

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