Tuesday 11/10/15

Tuesday 11/10/15

Personal Training

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about The Personal Training Program. Not too many people have taken advantage of this part of Get Fit{Camp} and the help that it can provide.

The Personal Training Program is set up to meet an individuals needs. The group classes are for just that, a group. They are in place to get a small group of people working together and moving toward their fitness goals. They are great to learn the basics, workout and have a good time in a friendly environment. Many, many people have seen excellent results in the small group classes.

Some people want a little bit more and this is where The Personal Training Program comes into play, through a few different uses.

The first use, it’s a great place to get started. For some people, joining the small group classes can be intimidating. They may feel that they aren’t “fit” enough to join the classes and they would hold the others in the class back. Or maybe they are just shy and don’t want to workout in front of other people. The good thing about The Personal Training Program for new members is that the sessions are designed completely for them, for their skills and their needs or abilities. Should you have a friend or family member that might feel that way or are uncomfortable working out in groups, or maybe they have some physical limitations that require more attention, this will be a great option for them. Please pass them my information and let them know that there are options available.

The second use, it’s a great place to sharpen your skills. If you’re been a member for a while and you want to become more proficient at a certain skill or movement, The Personal Training Program is also a great place for you. We can meet to work on; Olympic lifts, focusing on the snatch or clean and jerk, or breaking them down to the parts that you’re struggling with.

We can also spend the session working on goal setting, which is vitally important to your success. Also in the very near future, we’ll be offering nutritional consultations as well. This program will help you find out what part of your diet is working well and what part might require some fine-tuning to help reach your goals (that we set in a Personal Training Session).

As you can see, there are a lot of different uses for The Personal Training Program. It’s a launch pad for newer people, it’s a place to sharpen skills and it’s a place to set goals and start to work on a path to achieve them.

Should you have questions about any aspect of The Personal Training Program, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, if you have any friends or family members that may require some extra focus and attention, introduce them to the Program. You can find pricing here for new members. If you’re a current member, please talk to me about pricing.

I hope that some of you take advantage of this excellent program and help those that may be a bit too shy for the group classes to find fitness. Let me know if you have any questions.

Morning folks getting some Turkish get ups in.

Morning folks getting some Turkish get ups in.

Daily Dose


3×5 Press
3×12 KB Press

3 RNDs, NFT:
20 KB Swings (Heavy)
20 Push Ups

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