Thursday 9/11/13


Where do you get your eggs?  I get mine from the grocery store.  I know that they aren’t the best quality there, but it’s what I can afford for right now considering that I eat 7-8 every morning…  No, I’m not scared of cholesterol, but more on that another time.  Chickens aren’t vegetarians, they are opportunistic scavengers.  They will eat pretty much anything that they come across.  So when you see eggs that are labeled, “all vegetarian feed”, don’t buy them.  Well, it’s just marketing.  I’m sure that most of the traditionally raised eggs that you find in a grocery store are fed grains, so don’t pay anything extra for something that says that specifically.  Anyway my point is, if you can afford to get free range, true free range eggs, from the farmers market, get them.  They are amazing.  I’ve had a few from a mom and pop farm when I lived in Vegas.  They were brought down from Reno, and given to me.  They tasted amazing. Like no other egg I’ve ever had.  These chickens run around the farm and eat whatever they can find; seeds, bugs, table scraps from the owners, etc.  The yokes looked like this:

Note the deeper yellow of the pastured egg.

Note the deeper yellow of the pastured egg.


Just amazing in taste.  They have a better vitamin profile as well, I just can’t find the chart that I had on the difference.  But, here is one that I found on why you should eat the yoke.


Just eat the yoke.

Just eat the yoke.


Daily Dose

5×5 Pendlay Row

50 KB swings (American)
25 Tuck Jumps
40 KB swings (American)
20 Tuck Jumps
30 KB swings (American)
15 Tuck Jumps
20 KB swings (American)
10 Tuck Jumps
10 KB swings (American)
5 Tuck Jumps

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