Thursday 8/14/14

Thursday 8/14/14

Eating Carbs

As most of you know, I’m a fan of eating.  I usually save the BULK of my carbs for post work out, and avoid them when I’m not working out.  Of course, it’s always goal dependent.  What do you really want?  Weight loss or weight gain?  Are you eating for performance?  How often are you working out?  The more that you work out, the more carbs you should probably be eating.  On rest days, take it easy on the carbs and eat a ton of multicolored veggies and then protein and fat.

Don’t forget, the gym is closed tomorrow and all weekend!  I’ll be in Tahoe getting my butt kicked by the Tough Mudder.  Yay.

Daily Dose

3×20 Deadlift

EMOM 14:
Odd: 5 Cleans
Even: 200m Sprint

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