Thursday 7/10/13

Thursday 7/10/13

Heavy Stuff!

So as you’re probably noticed, lifting heavy is fun!  I’m definitely feeling sore, like I’ve lifted a few heavy things over the past week or so.  The theme is going to continue today, as we are going to put some heavy stuff on our backs.  So, why do we lift heavy things?  Is it important?  How will it make us healthier and better at our sports?  Instead of posting a link to a blog or some sort of boring scientific piece, lets open it up to the floor.  What are your thoughts on lifting?  What do you like?  What do you not like?  How do you think it’s going to help you?  Post to comments.

This is awesome.  But, why is her tongue blue?

This is awesome. But, why is her tongue blue?


Daily Dose

5×5 Back Squat, rest about 10 minutes then, 1RM Back Squat

AMRAP 8 mins:
7 box jump
100m sandbag sprint

Post loads and rounds/reps to comments.

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