Thursday 6/27/13

Thursday 6/27/13

Stare into the fire…

After going camping this past weekend, I realized how easy it is to stare into the fire and just drift off.  What is it about fire that does that?  Seriously, I’ll fade to another mental place all together.  Drift off into deep thought about nothing, or about everything.  It must be something primal, something deep in our genetic make up that tells us that fire equals ok, that we’ll be safe and warm and homey.  I haven’t been camping in a while, so it was interesting to notice that I do that again.  Just space out and stare deep into the fire.

Do you ever do that when you go camping?  What do you think about?

That's too big!!!

That’s too big!!!


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Back Squat 5×3

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8x200m Sprints

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  1. Nicola says:

    The eyes are like switches that access our thoughts … When you are fixated on an object you don’t access your thoughts. That’s why candle meditations work so well … it really helps you space out. Or meditate 🙂 I find gazing at fire mesmerizing because, like water, it is an ever changing formless thing that captures the attention and holds it fast. Om.

    • getfitadmin956 says:

      I’m not so good with water. For some reason water doesn’t suck me in like flame does. Maybe I’ll try the candle meditation thing…

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