Thursday 5/9/13


I posted this a couple of days ago on the facepage, but I thought that it was so delicious, that it deserved a second look.  Just a little creation that I made up, make it at home and let me know how it goes.

Heat up coconut oil and brown some applewood smoked bacon with some green onions. Add a pound of grassfed ground beef and brown. Add diced mushrooms. Add trader joes taco seasoning(season to taste) and let cook for a few minutes.  If you’re more on the primal side, I added in some grass fed sharp cheddar as well. Put spinach in a bowl and put the taco mix on top. Stuff in face. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

Seriously good.

Seriously good.

Daily Dose

With PVC:
40 thrusters
20 body rows
30 thrusters
15 body rows
20 thrusters
10 body rows
10 thrusters
5 body rows

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