Thursday 4/18/13

Thursday 4/18/13

It’s Late

Not going to lie.  I thought I scheduled this post to go up and I heard that there wasn’t one, so I guess I didn’t.  I’ll try to get something more interesting up next week.  I’m exhausted.  Night!

Daily Dose

3 RFT:

AMRAP 6 Mins:
20 Double Unders
7 Burpees
Rest 2 minutes

Post rounds to comments.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Rebecca says:

    3, 3, 4

    However, the OCD side of me has to be accurate…3 rounds + 5 jump ropes, 4 burpees short of 4 rounds, 4 rounds + 21 jump ropes. Next time we do this I will kill it 😉

  2. Wanda Olson says:

    Well, I did have trouble with this one! I did 2, 3 and 3 but was only 1 burpee short of 3 the first time around! However, on a positive note, my jump ropes are getting better! It was a good workout!

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