Thursday 3/14/13

Thursday 3/14/13


I’ll be honest, I don’t remember at all where I heard this.  Apparently it’s from a wrestler (or something) named The Ultimate Warrior.  Anyway, I liked it.

You must show no mercy… nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge you… for your greatness will silence them all


The reason that I liked this so much is in the fact that doing will silence them.  In my opinion, as long as you’re not a shit talker, if you’re going out there and busting your ass every day doing whatever it is you do; gym, work, football,etc., people won’t talk badly about you.  Go.  Show up. Do the work.  Work hard doing it.  Smile the whole time you’re doing it.  And help others.  Trust me, no one wants to speak badly about the person that may not be the best, but works the hardest and supports others.  Every time that you come to FitCamp to work out, I don’t expect you to be the greatest athlete ever.  I expect you to give all that you have that day and smile when it’s over. (No, you don’t have to smile during.  I know it’s rough.)


Daily Dose

Body Rows
Mountain Climbers
Sit Up

Count LOWEST number of reps per station and total them.  Post number of reps to comments

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