Thursday 1/8/15

Thursday 1/8/15

New Faces

We’ve got a few new faces around the gym lately.  If you see someone that isn’t familiar to you, be sure to introduce yourself!  Joining a gym can be an intimidating experience on many levels, so let’s make the transition to a healthier, more active life an easy one!

Positive Mindset.  It'll get you far.  Aim high and work hard.

Positive Mindset. It’ll get you far. Aim high and work hard.

Daily Dose

FL 4x15s
5 Cat/Cow
sPL 4×7 reps
10 Hip Circles
RC 4×7 reps
30 Sec lat leans

3 RNDs:
1 min. Double Unders
1 min. Russian Twists
1 min. Dead Lifts
30 sec. Rest

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