It’s been a tough week and I’m glad that it’s Friday. It’s been a relatively slow week attendance wise though. I know that life happens and we all get sick, or busy with work or school, I’m just wondering what I can do to help with keeping consistency up? I’ve asked in the last ProTip Tuesday, but I’ll ask again, what can I do to help you? What questions do you have? What do you need some extra guidance with? I’m here to help you, so just ask!

Fast Tip Friday!

Last week we had a challenge for our Fast Tip Friday, and that was to walk three times a week for ten minutes. How’d that go for you? How many of you got your three short walks in? It was a challenge to “find the time” until I realized, it’s ten freaking minutes. Seriously, who doesn’t have ten minutes three times a week? So, I just got up and did it, even if it was just walking around the block at the gym or at home.

This week, we’re going to step it up a little bit. This might take a little bit more planning on our parts, but it’ll be worth it in the end and you’ll feel better. This week we’re going to walk three times a week for 20 minutes. It’s still not a lot of time or energy and I think that it’s something that we can all easily accomplish if we just decide to make it a priority. Schedule it into your day just like you do with your workouts, meals, work and whatever else you may have. Ask yourself, “Do I really have 20 minutes, three times a week or am I just choosing to watch TV (or whatever else you may be doing) instead?” We all have the choice, let’s choose to be more active just one hour per week.

That’s it this week folks, let’s have a great weekend, stay safe, be active and have fun!

Daily Dose

4×12 Pull Ups

4×12 DL
4×12 Tricep Kick Back

10 Renegade Rows
30 Double Unders

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