There really are not enough words to thank you!

When I first came to you and asked you to be my trainer, I had some vague idea about “losing a few pounds and toning up.”  Never did I imagine that you would completely change my way of thinking about exercise and diet.

It took a couple of sessions with you to realize that you were doing things a little bit differently!

Then I started asking questions… remember all those texts?!!  It was totally eye-opening.  You mean I can be fit?  I can be strong?  I can be lean?  Without spending a monotonous hour on the treadmill or doing boring repetitions isolating one specific muscle? Awesome!  The constant mix of natural, function body movements not only makes exercise fun again, it is SO effective!  In just a few months, I am noticeably leaner and stronger.  Thank you!

Of course, no fitness program can truly be successful without a diet component.  You encouraged me to try the Paleo Diet, and although I was resistant at first, I read The Paleo Solution, committed to the Whole 30, and I have never looked back.  Again, it was totally eye opening, an entirely different way of looking at food & nutrition and how it all unequivocally relates to health and fitness.  Eating the Paleo way has, without a doubt, been a huge factor in my transformation.  Thank you!

But most of all, thank you for encouraging me, for pushing me, and for being a friend as well as a coach.  My life is truly better because you have been a part of it.  Thank you!

Best wishes,
Elena V.


I have been working out with Chris at his FitCamp for a year and a half and am extremely pleased with the results.  In addition to simply feeling better, I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and dropped a couple of pant sizes.  Chris has also encouraged me to take a look at my diet and made suggestions regarding what I eat and drink.  That, too, has helped me to get where I am today.  It isn’t always easy to get up early and go to a workout but the results have been well worth the effort.  Another side benefit has been that I have met some very nice people who also enjoy working out!


Wanda O.


My name is Bruce.  I have been a client of Chris Poese’s for the past five (5) months.  I have been a member of 24 Hour Fitness for many years and had never thought much about hiring a Personal Trainer.  On a whim, I decided to give it a try.  I signed up for the minimum number of sessions and because I was talking to Chris one day (had never met him before), decided to give him a try.  I am 56 years old and thought my days of “seeing results” were over.  However, as the weeks went by, I found myself enjoying my workouts with Chris and looking forward to our next session together.  I have continued to sign-up for additional packages with Chris.  My goals were not to lose weight, but to “firm and tone” and see some definition (I never had any of that!)  I now am seeing muscles that I never know I had.

I have found Chris to be not only a wonderful Trainer, but even a better person.  He is always professional and polite, and his main focus when we are together is concentrating on “me.”  He wants to make sure I am working out correctly and is always concerned that I am getting the proper nutrition.  Chris changes up the workouts constantly so they never get boring.  I am doing things I have never done in my life and am loving it.  I find Chris to be a great Trainer and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a program that assures you to achieve your goals and get successful results. I never thought I would ever hire a Personal Trainer, let alone continue to sign-up month after month.  Chris is a motivator, supporter and now a friend.  They don’t come any better than Chris.

Thank you for your time,
Bruce H.


My name is Eliza and I teach spin and yoga, and have recently been working out with Chris at one of my clubs and have REALLY enjoy our training sessions. He brings a whole new light to fitness — incorporating his knowledge of fitness, as well as standard lifting and fitness techniques. In the past, I’ve had a challenging time finding trainers who can get me to a level of breathlessness within the given hour, and also keep my attention with new exercises and routines. Chris does it! He’s knowledgable, listens to my concerns, fun to be around, and all in all knows his stuff. I feel lucky to train with him and know that I am learning something know every session.
— Eliza L.


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