Superhero bodies pt. 1

Superhero bodies pt. 1


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Men and body Image:

Something that I’ve noticed over the past few years is the increasing amount of rock hard, lean bodies that Hollywood claims are what men’s bodies should look like through some of these super hero movies that are coming out. I think that there’s a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way as well as women, but men just respond differently to that “ideal image”.

Just look up an image of He-Man and he was created in 1983!

A study performed last year interviewed approximately 116,000 men about their bodies, body satisfaction, weight and social pressure to look a certain way.  Of those men interviewed, about 40% of them are unhappy with their weight, 29% were unhappy with their bodies in general and 40% felt there was social pressure to look a certain way. In my estimation, that’s just the men who admitted it. Personally, I think that those numbers would be a lot higher if there also wasn’t social pressure for men to not admit how they’re really feeling about their bodies. But yes, there are some that just don’t care about what people think about them, must be nice to feel that way!

This isn’t something that is easy to talk about but, I’m not happy with my body either. Personally, I feel pressure (obviously put on by myself) to look a certain way and with these superhero movies coming out with totally ripped guys, it only adds to the self imposed pressure of “I’m a trainer, I should look like that.” Again, I know and accept that it’s all on me, but if I feel that way, I’m pretty sure that other men do too.

Whether society wants to admit it or not, the ideal body of men has changed over the past few years. Just take the chance to look up images of (a lot of the images may or may not be copyrighted, so I didn’t want to upload them here and get fined again):

  • Wolverine 2000 vs. 2013
  • Batman 1943 and 2016
  • Superman 1948 and 2016

Dad bod to ripped bod.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to diminish the fact that women experience way more pressure from society to look a certain way, I’m just trying to say that men feel it too. It’s only really been recent that the hyper-ripped version of these heroes have shown up. According to film critic A.O. Scott, the industry only reached “peak super hero” in 2013. It will be interesting to see how or if these versions of super heroes will affect the young men of the next generation.

“So what can I do?!?! How can I get that superhero body or am I destined to never have a 6 pack???”

Well, you aren’t destined to never have a 6 pack. All we can do is try our hardest to get our own personal genetics to present themselves in the best way possible. It just takes a lot of work and dedication, just like we talked about in Women in Fitness Part One and Part Two.

Next week, I’ll talk a bit about body fat percentage, what it takes to get there, and  some strategies to achieve those different levels of body fat.

To sum up today’s blog:

  1. There is pressure starting to build about societal perceptions of mens bodies, just as women have felt for the past 50-60 years or so.
  2. About 40% of men admitted that they aren’t happy with their bodies. Personally, I’m curious to see what the next generation of boys will think about their bodies with the new superhero images coming up.
  3. You can have that ripped body, if you want it, and we’ll talk a bit more about it next week.

Until then, let’s have a great week and start working on some simple habits to better our nutrition and our lives. If you need any help or guidance on setting up a solid nutrition program, head over to the Get Fit{Nutrition} page and read all about ProCoach. The next class will be starting in April sometime, so sign up now to reserve your spot. Sign up sheet is at the bottom of the Nutrition page.

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