Short Term Fix

Short Term Fix


It’s another great week! The weather is getting nicer and we’re starting to see more blue skies. A few of us went for a short hike on Saturday morning, and it was gorgeous. Cool air, green grass, fresh air… I’ve never been to Ireland, but I feel like that’s what it would have been like to hike there. A few of us have decided to try to go for a hike every weekend moving forward, if you’re interested in coming along, I’ll be posting the locations and times and we can coordinate every weekend. In fact, the next one on the books is going to be the 18th! Details to follow. We might have one before that, depending on availability and weather!

Also, we’ve got the Spartan Race coming up! Let’s all run it together! Go and register here, and the team name is Get Fit Camp Spartans! We’re doing the sprint, which is the shorter version, and we’re taking off in the morning, 9:15-12 time slot. Let’s have some fun!

Quick Fix Vs. Long term change
Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people on cleanses, short-term diets, or “diets with an expiration date” as I like to call them. These are diets that have an ending point, like the 21-day fix from Shakology, or even something like The Whole 30. I want to make it perfectly clear though, I have nothing against these programs. If used properly, they can have incredible results and can really change people’s lives. The problem that I have with these diets, is that they don’t do anything to help with habit or lifestyle change.

Toward the end of these diets or cleanses, people just end up counting down the days until they can cheat or go back to doing whatever it was that got them to want to lose weight in the first place. Heck, I’ve done Whole 30’s where I tell myself, “In 4 more days, I get to drink again!!!” What’s the point then? I haven’t changed anything. I’ve only delayed the inevitable of going back to eating bad food and drinking without really knowing why.

If you’ve already got a SOLID foundation of eating consistent foods, doing something like this can really help with weeding out some other bad habits, or even finding out about food sensitivities. Doing something ultra-strict like a Whole 30 can do a great job of that. Cutting out foods that can cause auto-immune issues or digestive issues for a period of time and then slowly introducing one back in at a time, can be really telling about your gut health and food tolerances.

These diets with expiration dates, cleanses, or “quick fixes”, are really good for the possibility of losing weight in the short term. When it’s done, you get to go right back to what you were eating and drinking beforehand and more often than not, you’ll end up gaining the weight back, if not more.

Instead, think about a way to develop the good habits that you’ve already got, and slowly and effectively develop new and better habits that will not only help you lose weight, but get healthier, but keep the weight off for life.

That’s what the ProCoach program does, and has been proven to do. It helps you to develop those basic foundational habits that will lead to CONSISTENT healthy eating on a daily basis. Then, and only then, would instituting a more advanced program like a Whole 30 would be appropriate, in my opinion. That way when the expiration date comes up, you’re less likely to fall back into bad habits since you’ve already developed a solid nutritional foundation.

ProCoach is currently closed, but we will be opening a new class in the near future. Please keep your eyes peeled for an email from Get Fit{Camp} for information as to when the new class will open up. Or click here and fill out the information at the bottom of the page to get on our waitlist!

Until then, work on the basics, kick butt in the gym and let’s have a great week.

Daily Dose


4×12 Bench
4×12 DB Curls

4 RNDs:
20 Sit Ups
15 KB Swings
10 DB Push Press

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