Personal Training Program

Fit{Camp} also offers personal one on one training.  In the Personal Training Program, we’ll look more closely at the client’s movement and mobility, strength imbalances, cardiovascular endurance, and how to improve them as a part of your complete fitness program. Also included in every Personal Training Program is the Get Fit{Nutrition} program.

The Get Fit{Nutrition} program will be tailored to you through these steps:

  1. Complete access to the Level 1 ProCoach program run by your coach (Not included in the intro program.).
  2. Developing new habits and pinpointing areas of opportunity and success.
  3. Assistance with goal setting and one on one guidance to take the steps to reach those goals.

If you’re an experienced athlete, we’ll look more closely at your movement patterns, where we can improve upon them and put together a program specifically for your goals.

One on One training – 1 hour sessions

Commitment to fitness – 36 sessions for $2,999
Basic Change – 24 sessions for $1,999
Quick fix – 12 sessions for $999
Intro – 6 sessions for $499


Meet at Get Fit{Camp} on your scheduled day.
Mobile service* – meeting at clients house or a park

*Additional fee may apply 

For more information, please fill out and submit the form below.  If you don’t see an option that works for you here, please feel contact us to discuss an option that will!

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