Motivation and Discipline

Motivation and Discipline


Last week we had a few challenging workouts. There was more than one day walking out of the gym, I felt pretty… “good”. How about you? Anything that stood out to you about last week that you loved? Hated? See more of? Less of?

Something that a lot of people struggle with is “motivation”. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on the goal of lifelong health, let alone fitness. It’s easy to get caught up in the now and forget that what we do NOW will affect us in the future.

Looking back on my life, I wish I had given thought to what I was doing to my body in my 20’s and how it would affect me in my 30’s. Now that I’m in my 30’s and a little wiser, I can easily say that I’m thinking further into the future and how what I’m doing now will help me in my 40’s. Comparing the two decades’ side by side, it’s pretty obvious that I’ll be entering my 40’s in a better position, health and fitness wise, than I was when was entering my 30’s. I’m much more focused on the long view. What would I like to look like in my 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or even the 80’s or 90’s? How active will I be with my kids? Grandkids?! How much will I be dependent on my kids to take care of me? Will I need a walker or am I going to be like Jack Lalanne and be active and athletic until the day I die? (Read about some of his fitness feats here and get inspired)

Sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated, or “disciplined” to stay on track. So today, we’re going to cover just a few things that might help you out.

Starting with “discipline”. First and foremost, discipline is a myth. It’s not real. There is only choice aligned with what you want MOST, whether you realize that or not… You must understand that you can have finely etched abs of steel or you can have doughnuts (mmmmm… doughnuts….). Don’t beat yourself up just because you had a doughnut, just be ok with your choice that that doughnut was more important than having washboard abs.

The easiest way to make yourself immediately feel less stress and better is to make a choice that aligns with your goals. Try asking yourself when facing a difficult food choice, “What would an expert recommend? Would it be the bowl of berries with Greek yogurt or the triple decker chocolate fudge brownie sundae?” When you make that choice and people comment about your discipline or will power, just respond with, “I just like making choices that are aligned with my goals, otherwise I don’t feel good mentally or physically.” You always have a choice and when you make a choice that is aligned with your goals, be sure to celebrate it. High-five yourself and let whoever cares know that you’re pretty awesome for making a choice that is aligned with who you are.

One of my coaches said, “Everyday I have to wake up and decide what it’s going to be: a day of struggling or a day of rising to the occasion.”

People that don’t like what they do, will “work” every single day of their lives. When you enjoy the process, when you enjoy what you do, you don’t need motivation. You look forward to doing it, every day. The same works for food and fitness. Find something that you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s Get Fit{Camp}, maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s powerlifting, whatever it may be, if you enjoy it it’ll never be a workout. Find creative ways to enjoy the foods that will nourish your body and taste good. Find a way to enjoy the cooking or fitness process.

“I’m seeing first-hand what the alternative (e.g. poor eating habits, not focusing on fitness as a part of one’s life) can do to some loved ones, and it scares the hell out of me.” ~Coach Jason

Something that you can do to help out, I’ve mentioned just a little bit about this earlier, is to constantly keep track of your daily wins. No matter how small. Did you eat 4 servings of veggies today instead of just 3? High five yourself. Did you walk for 10 minutes instead of 5? High five yourself. Keep a written log if you have to, so you can go back and see how amazing you are. Small wins daily add up to some MAJOR changes.

You’re not always going to be totally amped up. You’re not always going to feel like you’re kicking the days’ butt. Sometimes that’s just a way of your body letting you know that it might be time to slow down a little bit. On those days, just move a little bit, just focus on eating just a little bit better than you feel like. This keeps the ball rolling in the right direction, even if it’s not full speed ahead.

Most people think that if the answer to, “Should I go to the gym today?” isn’t a resounding “Hell yes!!!!” Then they’re not motivated. That’s not the case at all. There must be a disassociation between feeling and action. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like going to the gym or eating well, you just do it anyway and it’s amazing how easy it is to finish once you get started. And THAT takes practice. The more that you ACT in spite of your feelings, the easier that it gets in the future to do it. Then easier, and easier, and easier. You won’t always feel the “hell yes”, you’ll probably feel the “hell no” more often. If so, that’s ok! You’re totally normal. The only response to either one of those is to ACT anyway and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to finish and how much better you’ll feel when you’re done.

Hopefully this helps put “motivation and discipline” into perspective. If you need a little help with how to start incorporating those better nutrition and fitness habits, the next ProCoach class will be starting on February 27th and the last day to sign up is the 24th. Click on this link to learn a little more about the program. If you click here, there is a very informative video on the program as well as the sign-up sheet.

As usual, let me know if you have any questions. Let’s have a great week!

Daily Dose


4×12 OHS
4×12 Jumping Pull Ups

400m Run
10 Renegade Rows
200m Run
16 Renegade Rows
400m Run
10 Renegade Rows

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