Monday 7/21/14

Monday 7/21/14


Is anyone else psyched that it’s Monday?!  Let’s get to work!

#BAF is back!  That’s right, Bring a Friend will be back again from August 6-8!  Start thinking about who you’d like to bring along and introduce them to the gym.

We’re going to finish off #BAF week with another Margarita and Movie night.  Friday night the 8th, after the 8:30 class.  I’ll provide the margarita fixin’s and a few snacks.  Bring a chair and whatever else you’d like!

Gym Closure date:  The Tough Mudder is coming up on August 16th and a couple of us are heading up to Tahoe to run it, so the gym will be closed that Friday the 15th, if you’re interested in registering, you still can!  We’ll be joining a friend of mines gym out of Fresno. The teams name is Elite Mudders, you can join it when you register.  There will be people of ALL fitness levels there, so don’t be scared because you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up, it really is for everyone.


Daily Dose

4×15 Press

EMOM 10:
10 Sprinter Sit Up

Post loads and times to comments.

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