Monday 7/15/13

Monday 7/15/13


It’s a rough road that leads to the path of greatness…


I came across this quote, not sure who said it, but I really like it.  I feel like it’s pretty true.  Not really going to go on a long tangent about this, but anything worth doing, isn’t always easy.

Hope you had a great weekend, it’s going to be an awesome week!

Don't look down...

Don’t look down…


Daily Dose

5×3 Front Squat (15 minutes)

800m Sandbag Carry
50 sit ups
20 presses
400m Sandbag Carry
40 sit ups
15 presses
200m Sandbag Carry
30 sit ups
10 presses
100m Sandbag Carry

Post loads and times to comments.

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  1. Leigh says:

    20 minutes! *dies happy*

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