Monday 6/9/14

Monday 6/9/14

Case of the Mondays

Let’s get this week started off right.  I think some OHS will do it!

This week we’re starting a challenge.  For the next ENTIRE week, be in bed for 8 hours.  I know that sometimes it’s not always possible to get 8 hours straight of sleep for most people.  I know that I wake up a couple of times every night and also have lights on or cruising on my phone while laying in bed.  SO the catch is, know when you have to get up the day before and get into bed, lights off, quiet, and NO CELL PHONES.  Let’s practice getting in the good habits of quality sleep.  One week starts today.

I actually like Mondays!

I actually like Mondays!


Daily Dose

3×12 OHS

3 RNDs:
400m Sandbag carry
20 DB Snatches (10L/10R)
20 Sprinter situps

Post loads and times to comments.

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