Monday 6/23/14

Monday 6/23/14

Upcoming events!

A request!
If everyone could take a moment and head over to my Yelp page, and leave me a review I would greatly appreciate it!  It’s a good way to get the gyms name out there, so let’s share our results!

The gym will be closed July 3-7 as I will be out of town.  I will be posting some workouts on the blog as well as on the facebook page, so you can post your times or reps there for all to see.
Bring a Friend Week will be on July 9-11!  #BAF.  Bring a friend or two to the gym.  This month we’re having a special prize for whomever brings the most friends, you’ll get to help program a workout! What?!  Yes, you’ll be able to help design a workout for the gym.  Doesn’t that sound fun?!
Margarita and Movie Night:  Will be Friday, July 11.  We’ll be doing another fun movie and having a few adult recreational beverages.
Park Day:  On July 19th at 9am, we’ll be meeting at Campbell Community Center at the track to do a workout there.  We’ll be working on filling up the PR board for the runs.  1 Mile, 800m and 400m sprints.  Let’s all meet up there, wear our gym shirts (let me know if you don’t have one yet, $20), sprint our faces off and then head over to Moe’s or Stacks and get our pancake on.  It’ll be a great day, don’t miss it!

Daily Dose

5×5 Jerk

7 RNDs:
7 KB Clean and press (L&R)
100m Sprint

Post loads and times to comments.

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