Monday 6/10/13

Monday 6/10/13

Debunking Paleo

I saw someone link this on facepage and while I’m not really good at analyzing and debating points, Robb Wolf has an excellent rebuttal here and Dr. Mark Smith has one here, the first thing that I noticed was that she seemed like she hadn’t even read the material.  I’ve also found that people that studied archeology in school, typically hate that term.  I guess from their point of view, I can see why.

One of the first things that she mentions is that it’s a red meat based diet and that the foods that we’re eating now look nothing like our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten, that the animals during that time would have been much leaner.  Well… duh.  But, that’s not the truth at all.  If she had actually read the books, she would have found that it calls for lean meats from a verity of sources and that followers of the Paleo diet frown on traditional CAFO farming.  Learn more here about what CAFO farming is.  Anyway, after watching this and forcing myself to not scream at my monitor “DUH!” or “You missed the point here…”, I came to the conclusion that she didn’t really know her material and wanted to try to be a counterpoint to this “fad” that is changing the lives of so many people.  Watch the video and read the rebuttals and tell me what you think in the comments.

It's simple!

It’s simple!


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