Monday 5/20/13

Monday 5/20/13


Injury sucks.  No one likes to be injured, minor or major.  Honestly, I’d think that it would be pretty weird if someone actually LIKED to be injured…  Obviously depending on the severity of your energy, there isn’t a reason to not come and work out.  Working together, we’ll find a way to workout around your injury.  Isolation exercises, decreased intensity, decreased range of motion, we’ll work it out.  There’s always a way to get a workout in, even if it’s just mobility work, stretching, technique work or foam rolling.  If you have an injury, let me know.  Other times, it’s good to rest and recover!  We’ll figure out how to keep you moving on the right track.





Daily Dose

20 sandbag cleans
Sprint 750m
15 sandbag cleans
Sprint 500m
10 sandbag cleans
Sprint 250m
5 sandbag cleans
Sprint 100m

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  1. Wanda Olson says:

    Sorry that I am missing the workouts this week! I will be back next week. This one looks like it will be hard on the lungs! Have a great workout!

  2. Rebecca says:


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