Monday 5/19/14

Monday 5/19/14

Core work?!

Core work?  What’s that?  I guess you’ll just have to come in and see!  Muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa… (cough cough..)

Just as a reminder, the gym will be closed for Memorial day weekend, from Friday 5/23 till Monday 5/26 and reopened on Tuesday the 27th, that includes FitCamps on the weekends.  So, program your workouts accordingly and have a wonderful long weekend!

Bring a friend week is coming back!  The dates will be, May 28th, 29th and 30th!  So, start thinking about who you’d like to bring along, the more the merrier! #BAF!

Also, we’ll be having our first ever Margarita and Movie Night on Friday June 6th!  After class on Friday night, at 8:30, we’ll make some margaritas and watch a movie!  Bring your own chair.  I’ll supply the tequila and mixes, if you’d like something particular bring it with you!  Let’s get together and hang out!  Votes for movies start now, GO!

Let’s get some work done this week!


Soda is gross, mmmkay?

Soda is gross, mmmkay?


Daily Dose

Core work
EMOM 10:
5 DB Push Press
5 Bent over DB Rows
5 Up Downs with DBs

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