Monday 5/12/14

Monday 5/12/14

A short week

We are having a bit of a short week this week, the gym will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  I’ll be heading up to the City for a seminar and I’m super stoked about it.  I will be posting some workouts that you can do at home here on the site, so be ready to do some self motivating and get work done at your house or at the park.  They gym will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 12-2 as per the norm, just let me know if you’re going to come then as a make up.

Gym Events:
I’m thinking about programming a track workout, just for fun, on a weekend morning just for fun.  Is that something that ya’ll would be interested in doing?  We could meet at the Campbell Community Center and then workout there, then head over to Stacks for some post workout nutrition.  Let me know if that’s something you’d be into and I’ll plan it.

Gayle and John are headed to The Grand Canyon this weekend for a hike to the bottom and back, should you see them this week, be sure to wish them a safe and amazing trip!  Take pictures you guys!

Let’s get the week started off right!

Daily Dose


Skill work – HSPU’s
EMOM 10:
Odd minutes: 4 Cleans (135/95)
Even minutes: 4 Hang Power Cleans
Run 400m with a med ball (20/14)

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