Monday 4/28/14

Monday 4/28/14

I <3 Mondays!

I’m one of those weird people that like Mondays.  Being not always super productive on the weekends, Monday means that I have 5 days to do all the stuff that I failed to do on the weekends.  lol.

The Whole 30 is starting on Thursday THIS WEEK!!!  Can you believe that it’s already May?!  Where does the time go?  If you have any questions about how the Whole 30 is going to work, feel free to call or text me and I can help out, or you can visit the site here.  This is the first step in the program that will lead you through the other steps.  Here is the PDF with all the guidelines and rules for you to print out and carry around with you.  Here is a list of other resources provided to you by Whole 9 Life:

Shopping list
Grocery Guide
Pantry Stocking Guide
Meal Planning Guide

I also highly recommend their book, it’s written in an easy to understand way and it’s fun to read!  Let’s do this and support each other!

What do you avoid doing on the weekends?

Make good choices this week!

Make good choices this week!

Daily Dose

6×2 Push Press

EMOM 12:
100m Sprint
5 Push Press (115/75)

Post loads and rounds to comments.

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