Monday 3/31/14

Monday 3/31/14

Week Two:

It’s week two of the second half of our strength cycle.  We’re going to be working on some Oly lifts as well as a good helping of the standard lifts.  Let’s get some work done!

Saturday is the end of our Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge!  Come to the gym at noon on Saturday the 5th and we’ll do our measurements, the baseline workout and then have a BBQ and some adult recreational beverages of your choice (BYOB).  I’ll be providing the meat, so please RSVP by Thursday so I can plan accordingly.  Bring a paleo(ish) side of your choice.  Get creative and have some fun with it!  I have a few links to sites with recipes on the resources page.  Go and check a few out and try something new.  See you then!

Daily Dose

3×12 OHS

6 RNDs:
10 DB Snatches L&R (60/40)
200m Sprint

Post loads and times to comments.

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