Monday 1/27/13

Monday 1/27/13

Chill Week.

As I mentioned in the weekly email, it’s going to be a back off week in the Get{Strong} portion of the class.  We’re going to be working on form and mobility and proper positioning.  It’s going to be rough in the mobility department, but there’s quite a few of you, including myself, that need work.  We all need work.  So let’s get to work.  That’s a lot of works there…  It’s going to be a good week!

We’re working on Front Squat mobility first, so watch this video with the great Kelly Starrett and do some of this at home!

Let's make some magic!

Let’s make some magic!


Daily Dose

Clean practice and front squat mobility.

“Who needs legs?”
4 RNDs:
400m Run
20 Front Squats (115/65)

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