Monday 1/19/15

Monday 1/19/15

Tough week!

This is going to be the tougher week for the Get{Gymnastics}.  A few more reps and another round.  But fear not!  Next week is de-load week.  We will get through this!  Come in and let’s get Gymnasty!

Hiking this weekend!  Meet at the gym at 9am and we’ll head over to Santa Teresa County Park to go for a hike!

In the weekly email we talked a bit about continuing education, I think this hits it on the head.

Good words!

Good words!

Daily Dose

FL 5x20s
5 Cat/Cow
sPL 5×9 reps
10 Hip Swivels
RC 5×9 reps
30 Sec lat leans

6x 200m Sprints
1 Min. rest

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